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Financial education

Helping young people of all ages to learn about money

Financial learning that fits in with busy lives

We know parents and children lead very busy lives. And that can mean it’s hard to find time for financial learning. Contactless, digital and mobile banking are increasing the invisibility of money, making it even harder for children to build their financial confidence.

This is where our schools education programme can help, working with schools and parents to equip young people with the financial skills they need to progress in life.

Get my school involved

Things you can do at home

Our partnership with Young Money (part of Young Enterprise)

We’ve been supporting Young Enterprise for over 30 years to help young people earn and manage money successfully. Today our collaboration focuses on working with schools. It allows young people to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed and independent financial decisions when they leave school.

Free downloadable learning resources for teachers

Parents - things you can do at home

We’ve put together a range of learning resources you can download and use at home. This is to make financial learning as accessible as possible.

These include interactive lessons you can watch with your child and worksheets they can download and complete. There’s also a range of activities you can include in your everyday life to help children to learn about money.

Building independence

Learning that helps young people to successfully manage their own finances and protect themselves against fraud.

Recommended for 10-14yrs.

Banking guides

With many choices ahead and different paths to take, some useful guides for young adults to support their financial journey.

Recommended for 15+yrs.

Please note: these age ranges are a guide only. Some children might be better suited to resources outside their age group. 

Free schools programme

Our programme helps young people learn about the value of money and bank accounts as well as the financial decisions we make in our everyday lives as adults.

Schools can have these classes given free of charge by a member of our education team. Or we can support teacher training through the Young Money programme. 

If you’re interested in running the HSBC UK Education Programme, you can nominate your school. The programme can focus on specific year groups or can be for the whole school.

Teaching resources for schools

It’s easy to get in touch online. Talk to us directly through our chat channels.